Del Valle High School provides tutoring in order for students to make up homework assignments, study for tests, work on projects, and complete other activities that ensure student success.  Please communicate with your student regularly about his or her tutoring plans.  We will not be able to interrupt tutoring to check on any particular student’s attendance.

Here is our tutoring schedule:

Monday English Language Arts
Tuesday Math
      Wednesday Social Studies / Foreign Language
Thursday Science
  • A free meal is provided beginning at 4:10 pm and ending at 4:25 pm. (Students eat in the classroom.)
  • Tutoring ends at 5:25 and tutoring buses are provided. Check the transportation schedule below for drop-off locations.
  • Parents may pick up their student at the front of the building after 5:25 pm.
  • Students may not leave campus for any reason and then return to campus and attend tutorials or ride the tutoring bus.

If you have any questions about tutoring, you may email your student’s teacher or contact the grade-level counselor.

Amanda Alvarez 9th Grade Counselor (A-L) (512) 386-3254
Mark Bradley 9th Grade Counselor (M-Z) (512) 386-3214
Sarah Limerick Counselor 10th-12th (S-Z) (512) 386-3257
Kasie Stagman Lead Counselor (D & R) (512) 386-3477
Jennifer Wood Counselor 10th-12th (A-C) (512) 386-3234
Andrea Ruedas Counselor 10th-12th (E-K) (512) 386-3706
Wendy Abel Counselor 10th-12th (L-Q) (512) 386-3212
Elizabeth Cunningham ECHS Counselor (512) 386-3496
Jackie Magness College & Career Counselor (512) 386-3237
Ruben Ray Assist. College & Career Counselor (512) 386-3237

Questions about LEAD? Please contact Francisco Acosta at (512) 386-3480

Click here to view the after-school bus schedule.

Austin Water has issued a boil water notice for all of its customers.  The following water systems are included:

The city is asking all customers to boil water for drinking, cooking or ice until further notice. Most kitchen and other household filters are not enough. The department says there are no positive tests for bacteria in the system as of early Monday morning. Other activities such as showering and laundry are safe to do, but the city is also asking people to conserve water if they can. More information from the City of Austin can be found at

Del Valle ISD operations are continuing as normal.  In response to the water boil notice, we have taken the following precautions:

We will continue to notify our staff and community as updates are received.

El Departamento de Operaciones de Mergencia de la Ciudad de Austin ha emitido un aviso de hervir agua para sus clients. Se inclyen los siguientes sistemas de agua:

La ciudad está pidiendo a todos los clientes que hiervan agua para beber, cocinar o hacer hielo hasta nuevo aviso. La mayoría de los filtros de cocina y de otros hogares no son suficientes. La empresa de servicios públicos dice que no hay pruebas positivas para detectar bacterias en el sistema a partir del lunes por la mañana. Otras actividades, como ducharse y lavar ropa, son seguras, pero la ciudad también está pidiendo a las personas que conserven el agua si pueden. Puede encontrar más información de la Ciudad de Austin en

Las operaciones de Del Valle ISD continúan normalmente. En repuesta al aviso de hervido de agua, hemos tomado las siguientes precauciones:

Seguiremos notificando a nuestro personal y comunidad a medida que se reciban las actualizaciones.