This page is dedicated to the Senior Class of 2020 and their families. 

While your school year may be different than you imagined, you have taken it in strides and made the best of the final months of your senior year.  The traditions and celebrations you planned may have changed but this year is a historic year, you are a part of history. We are proud of you and everything that you have accomplished this year!

This website was created to give you, your family, and the community information regarding senior events, celebrations, services, deadlines, and anything concerning graduation. Please feel free to use this site as your primary source of information. 

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Senior Week

Senior Week is May 26 – May 30. Click for more details.

DVHS Going Places

Click here for the DVHS Going Places website and video that highlights some of our Class of 2020 plans after high school! 

Letter from Dr. Welch

Dear Cardinal Families,

I know we have had a lot of challenges come at us, and I appreciate your willingness to adapt and overcome. Your student’s senior year is not what we had hoped for, but we have developed plans to celebrate each senior as best as we are able with the current circumstances.

Next week, each senior will have the opportunity to get a photo in their cap and gown with family members at our school with their diploma folder. At the same time, graduates will also be able to pick up some special gifts. We have also rescheduled our Senior Movie Night for Thursday, May 28. Finally, our special senior week will end on Saturday, May 30 at Circuit of the Americas for the Class of 2020 Parade. We have more details to come on that event.

We will always remember the Class of 2020 as a group of persevering young adults. Life is not about time, but about opportunities. Next week’s activities will give our seniors some of the opportunities that have been missed. Please see all of the details for Senior Week.

All the best,
Dr. Joseph Welch


Queridas familias cardinales:

Sé que hemos tenido muchos desafíos, y agradezco su disposición para adaptarse y superar. El último año de su estudiante no es lo que esperábamos, pero hemos desarrollado planes para celebrar a cada estudiante de último año lo mejor que podamos con las circunstancias actuales.

La próxima semana, cada estudiante de último año tendrá la oportunidad de obtener una foto en su toga y birrete con los miembros de la familia en nuestra escuela con su carpeta de diplomas. Al mismo tiempo, los graduados también podrán recoger algunos regalos especiales. También hemos reprogramado nuestra Noche de películas para los Seniors el jueves 28 de mayo. Finalmente, nuestra semana especial para los Seniors terminará el sábado 30 de mayo en Circuit of the Americas para el Desfile de la Clase 2020. Tenemos más detalles por venir en ese evento.

Siempre recordaremos la Clase de 2020 como un grupo de jóvenes perseverantes. La vida no se trata de tiempo, sino de oportunidades. Las actividades de la próxima semana dará a nuestros Seniors algunas de las oportunidades que se han perdido. Por favor, consulte todos los detalles de la Semana para los Seniors.

Todo lo mejor,
Dr. Joseph Welch

Recognition Parade

Save the Date
DVHS Class of 2020 Recognition Parade
May 30, 11:00 a.m.
Circuit of the Americas

*more details to follow

In-person Graduation Ceremony Update

Class of 2020,

We are disappointed to share that due to Governor Abbott’s May 5th update and the Texas Education Agency’s Guidance for 2020 Seniors, Texas State University has canceled all in-person indoor ceremonies. We were notified of their decision today. This impacts our in-person graduation scheduled for August.

Del Valle High School remains committed to our June 6th virtual graduation.  We are currently reviewing other opportunities for in-person graduation that will comply with the Governor’s ruling and ensures the safety of our students, families, and the community.

We will continue to update you when information is available.

Thank you for your understanding.

Please continue to review our webpage for updates.

Dr. Welch, Principal

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Senior Contacts

Questions about graduation and senior events?

Melissa Gonzales

Ms. Melissa Gonzales
Assistant Principal of Student Activities
11th Grade M-Z
(512) 386-3297

Questions about senior academics?

Kandice Smith

Ms. Kandice Smith
Associate Principal of Academics
(512) 386-3258