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An update on safety at Del Valle High School

Dear DVHS Families,

First, I want to acknowledge the stress and anxiety that our students, parents, families, and staff experienced yesterday. While the weapon was a BB gun, it can appear to be a real firearm, which caused some students to react and leave the building. The BB gun was immediately confiscated and the student was immediately identified. 

Please know that any violence, threat of violence, or bullying in our school is not tolerated.  Any student who participates in violence or brings weapons or items that appear to be weapons will receive the full extent of consequences in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and the law.  We can communicate with confidence that when there have been disciplinary situations, administrators or SRO’s have intervened immediately and instituted consequences. The Student Code of Conduct has strict disciplinary consequences, including placement at the District Alternative Education Program (DAEP), for any student who issues a false alarm or terroristic threat against our school. This includes threats on social media.  We also thoroughly investigate all social media threats in reference to our school and determine if they are credible. There have been no credible social media threats against our school this year. 

In an effort to address concerns of weapons being brought to school, Del Valle High School is making an immediate change. Starting Monday, October 25, only clear or mesh backpacks will be permitted at school for the remainder of the school year. Students will not be allowed to bring a backpack that is not clear or mesh. The campus will be gathering and providing backpacks for students who need one.

Addressing misinformation from October 20 incident

  • The item confiscated was a BB gun. 
  • Law enforcement and campus administration have seen the item and while it does appear to look like a real firearm, it is not. 
  • Regarding the rumors that there were shots fired, not only did law enforcement confirm that no shots were fired, but also district administration viewed extensive video footage from multiple angles. The BB gun is a spring load action, which means the student would have had to pull back the loading mechanism to fire each time. Through the investigation, no other weapon was found. 
  • Statements on social media that state that the district is lying about this item are false. We are in possession of the item and confirm that it is a BB gun. Please understand that we share all of the information we can as soon as we can and make no attempt to withhold information from families. However, we are not permitted to release any student-specific information or information about disciplinary actions.
  • Students are unable to be released during a hold as the purpose of a hold is to keep hallways clear.

Parent Town Hall Meetings

We will host a series of parent town hall meetings starting next week so I can meet you in person and address our safety plans and student expectations. Due to limited seating, we will host the meetings by grade level. If you have students in multiple grades, you can attend the meeting most convenient for you. Each meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the DVHS Auditorium. We will also provide a Zoom link to watch live if you are unable to attend in person.

9th-grade parents: Oct. 27, 6 p.m.

10th-grade parents: Oct. 28, 6 p.m.

11th-grade parents: Nov. 1, 6 p.m.

12th-grade parents: Nov. 2, 6 p.m.

Parent Advisory Committee

I will be starting a Parent Advisory Committee soon. Please complete this online form if you are interested in more information about our Parent Advisory Committee: 

As always, we appreciate your support of Del Valle High School and your partnership with us in your child’s education. Please know that student and staff safety remains our top priority. Please continue to contact our school with any questions and concerns.

Thank you,

Ameka Hunt
Principal, Del Valle High School