Chromebooks FAQ

A Chromebook is a lightweight, portable laptop that runs the Chrome OS. It is primarily used for web-browsing, and it’s tightly integrated with the Google Apps for Education suit (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, etc..) to serve as an effective cloud-based productivity tool for digital learning.

Additionally, all of our Chromebooks will have Go Guardian Security on them which will allow us to filter web sites, including Youtube, track stolen/missing devices, and monitor all student activity to provide the safest browsing experience for our students. Please read below for more information about Go Guardian and Chromebooks in general.


  • Every DVISD Chromebook has a security program installed on it called Go Guardian.
  • All student activity on the device is monitored and recorded
  • Go Guardian also filters websites, including Youtube for safe web-browsing
  • Go Guardian also has anti-theft features that allow us to track stolen/missing devices:
    • Track GPS Location
    • Takes Screenshots
    • Takes Webcam photos
    • Tracks keystroke entries