About Us:  Our Del Valle High School technology department (DVHS TechKnow) strives to serve and support our students and staff through managing the campus technology, training staff and students, staying abreast the latest technology trends in education,  and helping students/staff troubleshoot and solve tech problems that arise. We believe technology in and of itself is not the solution to improving education, but with the right instructional goals and training, coupled with great support,  it can revolutionize the way we deliver our instruction and help our students to achieve greater educational outcomes. Meet our team below and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or to request a training.

Our Team:

Lowell Gabbert

Instructional Technology Specialist


512.386.3200, ext 3280


Karina Ferreira

Instructional Technology Specialist


512.386.3200, ext 3280

Mary Jane McClendon

Lead Librarian



Isaiah Torres

Campus Technology Assistant


512.386.3200, ext. 3708