TechKnow Techies

In 2016-17 we launched our TechKnow Techie student program. It’s a computer maintenance class where students learn how to troubleshoot and fix broken computers and other instructional technology, as well as build a computer from scratch. They also work closely with our technology department to help us manage student and staff technology.

Students who complete the course earn:

  • Dell technician certifications through Dell Tech Direct 
  • Articulated credit with Austin Community College 
  • Valuable real world experience
  • Possible employment opportunities within the district (graduating Seniors only)


Are you a student interested in signing up for our course?  If so, send an email to Erin Goad ( or Dan Wheeler (  Also, contact your grade level counselor and let them know you’re interested in signing up for our computer maintenance class!

Techies get their own badge and they travel to teachers’ classrooms fix broken technology.

Techies troubleshoot broken computers. This one had pencil lead jammed into the heaphone jack!

Techies also help us manage our growing inventory of tech carts.

Techies learn how to build computers from scratch!